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hand poured non-toxic coconut wax candles

we’ve created something nu for you: hand poured concrete candles, free of toxins and labeling and saturated with one of our four unique scents

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hand poured non-toxic coconut wax candles

our eco-friendly specialities



plant derrived

cruelty free


parabens free phthalates free

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a ten ounce coconut wax candle infused with our signature fragrance, poured by hand within our two point three pound concrete vessel, measuring four inches in height and four inches in length.
a forty ounce coconut wax candle infused with our signature fragrance, poured by hand within our five point two pound concrete vessel, measuring six inches in height and six inches in length.

scent won - a fresh scent of blue birch oud wood and I'homme.
scent too - a warm scent of patchouli sandalwood and fireside.
scent thre - a soothing scent of santal and eucalyptus.
scent fore - a dynamic scent of petrichor red currant and agarwood.

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thousands of our customers have praised our clean-burning candles and our fragrances.


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Materials provided

Materials provided

  • 10oz of coconut wax
  • 1 nu los angeles concrete vessel
  • 1 felt bottom sticker
  • 1 wick
  • 1 wick sticker
  • 1 wick stabilizer
  • 1 popsicle stick
  • 1 vial of fragrance
  • 1 twelve-ounce metal pitcher
  • 1 gift bag


Jack Lee

the candle is like magic. the quality, packaging, the scent of the fragrance was really good. the scent was long-lasting. after lighting it for one hour, the scent lasted for at least 8-9 hours more. can go ahead with your purchase. you won't regret it.

josh hazel

i’m so glad to have discovered nu los angeles recently. this scent was subtle, refreshing, and energizing. a perfect balanced fit for my needs. i’m looking forward to this scent in the room spray and reed versions :)

aj blake

i am usually sensitive to all kinds of smells and can't tolerate most scented candles or perfumes. i took a risk of buying it because the description captured me and it was one of the best choices i ever made.

about nu los angeles

we take great pride in our product and only use the very best ingredients on the market. each candle is made in small batches using an all-natural coconut wax blend.

about nu los angeles

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frequently asked questions

our small candle has a burn time of about 50-55 hours and our medium candle will burn for up to 375 hours!

we're able to achieve longer burn times than most candles because we use a premium coconut wax blend that allows for a longer candle life.

remember to always trim your wick before lighting! Keeping your wick at a quarter inch in height or less will extend the life of your candle.

when the candle is done burning, the vessel works great as a dried flower vase, a palo santo holder or a pen holder.. the possibilities are endless!

yes! our candles are completely handmade; from the unique concrete vessel to the wax, each one has been hand poured in small batches locally.
we're a small business run through shopify. we utilize their shipping partners (ups, usps, etc).
yes! we purchase top of the line ingredients from one local supplier who specializes in non toxic, natural ingredients. only the best for nu candles!
we accept most forms of payment! major credit cards, apple pay, amazon pay, and paypal just to name a few.
please reach out to our helpdesk by emailing for any questions, potential partnerships and wholesale opportunities.

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